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  New Contractor? Click here to complete our online Subcontractor's Prequalification form. Or for a printable version of our Subcontractor's form, you can download a PDF here.
  Current Projects: For access to our most recent project files, click here. If you need a current projects password, please email us at bids@hewesandcompany.com or call 850-435-4305.
  Bids: For access to our bids, plans and specifications, please email us at bids@hewesandcompany.com or call 850-435-4305.
We must receive your Scope of work with acknowledgment of all amendment(s)/addenda 3 business days prior to bid day.
Review Bid Schedule to ensure all bid items are included as noted in the bid schedule for the project.
Provide quote 4 hours prior to bid time for review to ensure all areas associated with your work have been included in your proposal.
Mechanical and Electrical bids must be received 1 hour prior to bid time
Not providing Scopes and/or Bids in accordance with the above could result in your bid not being considered.
  Insurance Requirements - ALL SUB-CONTRACTORS PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Should you be the lowest responsible bidder for your scope of work, you will be required to provide insurance as stated by the project specifications or the following, whichever has greater limits or other requirements.

General Liability Insurance

Each Occurrence $1,000,000

General Aggregate - Per Project $2,000,000

Products and Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000

Personal/Adv Injury $1,000,000

Fire Damage $100,000

Medical Payments $5,000


Automobile Insurance

Occurrence Basis $1,000,000 combined single


Workers Comp

Including Occupational Diseases and including Employer's Liability. Worker's compensation shall waive the rights of subrogation in favor of all additional insureds.  

Each Accident $500,000

Disease - Policy Limit $500,000

Disease - Each Employee $500,000


Umbrella Liability and/or Excess Liability


Per Occurrence and aggregate limits


  Subcontractors shall carry standard ISP General Liability coverage written on an occurrence basis. Hewes & Company, LLC will be named as additional insured.